ZERONA® lasers in Canada – Our ground-breaking history in Ontari

Zerona FDA Approval Letter

In 2009, Liliana™ Laser Clinic became the FIRST certified medical spa in Ontario to offer lipolaser treatments using the ZERONA® laser to Canadians. Liliana Laser Clinic has since been offering laser treatment to its clients using the ZERONA® laser as an effective tool for body contouring. Being the FIRST to introduce this ground-breaking technology in Ontario, and then expand across the GTA, we feel that we are the most experienced and reliable in the field.

ZERONA® Lasers – Making dreams come true

Imagine losing inches from your waist/hips/thighs by doing nothing more than you already are – no more exercise, no more changes to diet, no handfuls of pills, no dangerous liposuction or lap-band surgery. Imagine just laying down comfortably for 40 minutes 3 times per week, then after 3 weeks, you have lost inches of your size. Well, you don’t have to imagine about that anymore. It’s a reality! It’s is so easy you might feel guilty for getting in the shape you want faster than your friends; friends who are working out in a Toronto gym for hours and starving themselves on some new “diet”.

How long will you continue to get results before you share your “secret” with your Toronto friends? They are going to find out about this technology with or without you… and if you don’t tell them you are using it… we won’t tell them either. The ZERONA® Laser Revolution We are proud to be the first clinic that offers the ZERONA® laser treatments in Toronto, Oakville, Thornhill and the GTA. The ZERONA® laser machine, a new exciting way to get rid of your excessive fat in a quick, safe, and easy manner. If you ever considered liposuction but were afraid of the procedure, there is an alternative. It is known as a lipolaser or smart laser.