Latest Advancements in Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

By now, almost everyone has heard of the revolutionary technique of laser hair removal to remove hair. The hair removal industry is a huge multi-billion dollar worldwide business, and laser hair removal continues to be the leader in hair removal techniques. Almost anyone who has heard of it or tried it catches on that advancements in hair removal can only grow with the invention of laser hair removal and the machines that perform this treatment.

Painless Hair Removal

One of the most attractive features of laser hair removal is the fact that, despite the folks that have a very low pain tolerance, the procedure is not as painful compared to plucking or waxing. If a person is presented with the fact that all their unwanted hair, all their embarrassing moments where they forgot to shave an area or feel stubble growing at an alarming rate, can be eliminated within a few treatments, many will sign up.

Therefore the industry recognized that pain is one major feature to keep working on. Thus the latest laser machines work to combat any pain or discomfort in treating the skin. Some machines perform a variation of heat/cold to trick the skin from feeling any sensation. At Liliana Laser Clinic in Toronto, they currently use a machine that does this in combination with using a sweeping motion.

Full Coverage

Often, the older laser machines, would still manage to skip certain areas of the skin. If you are familiar with laser hair removal, the laser is applied to the skin by a technician who goes inch by inch to cover the whole treated area. Of course human error can affect how well the coverage of each treatment is. Now the latest machines work to diminish the possibility of human error of skipping certain areas by using motion or tracking to guide the laser to the hair pores. In addition, they can have a larger surface area on the probe.

Speed, length and amount of treatments

Another area of the laser hair removal equation, is the speed and efficiency of the treatments. Of course it is virtually impossible to bypass the fact that the body grows hair in cycles. Therefore, in order to treat all hair, you have to hit all those cycles. Fortunately the cycles are not necessarily endless – over a certain amount of time. This is why laser hair removal is so effective – and really does reduce hair. Even if only one or two cycles of hair grow in over the course of months or years, it still drastically reduces the need to shave.

So in spite of cycles and the need for a certain amount of treatments, at least the treatments can be quicker and more effective. Therefore, the laser hair removal industry has also focused on this aspect of advancing their machines. The latest machines are more effective in working faster by covering more surface area and effecting a faster zapping process.

Skin Pigmentation and hair colour

Faced with the fact that we must shave, wax, pluck and depilate for our entire lives or go through a series of treatments that costs about the cost of a nice large flat-screen TV, it is easy to see why laser hair removal is such a hot business.

But blondes with darker skin or dark skinned people with lighter hair may have found laser hair treatments in the past less effective for them. The latest laser machines are also effective in distinguishing even the smallest difference in pigment between the skin and hair to help this issue. Because the technology works in that it recognizes a difference in pigmentation, this is still a process that requires more attention from the industry in coming years.

Laser Hair Removal is a great way to remove unwanted hair

Due to its many benefits and the fact that any downsides are diminishing as the years go by, laser hair removal continues to be arguably the best way to remove unwanted hair. Places like Liliana Laser Clinic in Toronto keep an eye out for industry breakthroughs in laser hair removal and other skincare treatments in order to provide customers the most effective care.

What is laser lipo and is it as effective as liposuction for weight loss?

Laser lipo, lipo laser, or laser liposuction is a technique of using lasers to perform a noninvasive form of liposuction. Liposuction is when the fat cells are disrupted or broken down and are removed from the body. In laser lipo, the lasers penetrate cells and open them up, making them porous so the fat leaks out of the openings and out through the body’s regular lymphatic and digestive systems. So it is simply expelled out of the body as waste in its natural process. There is no ‘suction’ part of this procedure.  At least this is true for the ZERONA® laser performed at the Liliana Laser Clinic in Toronto, CA.

The ZERONA® laser difference

Back in 2009, the only certified medical spa in Ontario to offer the lipolaser treatments using ZERONA® was the Liliana Laser Clinic. Therefore, their technicians are the most experienced and reliable in the area for this type of laser lipo and they can attest to its effectiveness.

How effective is laser lipo?

As a matter of weight loss from a person with a moderate amount of extra body fat, this laser technique can help you lose inches from the typical fat storing areas of the body, such as waist, hips, thighs and buttocks for women, or belly and even chest for men. In fact, male breast fat reduction is one of the most popular uses of this effective technique.  For someone of considerable or obese body weight, it may be recommended to first attempt a diet and exercise routine to lose weight as naturally as possible before using a procedure like this. Typically laser lipo is most effective as a contouring benefit for the body – to perfect and sculpt, rather than effect major weight loss.

Without the need for extensive exercise, diet, pills, and traditional liposuction or lap-band surgery, the ZERONA® laser is a groundbreaking laser contouring technique that allows you to walk in and walk out within 30 minutes of this comfortable and easy procedure without any side effects.

Traditional liposuction is a serious surgery. And many are understandably wary of going under the knife just to lose some fat. As any surgery, there are a lot of risks in surgery, and there are also many who are allergic to anesthesia. Fortunately there is a better alternative.

How long does it take laser lipo to work?

The procedure is fairly immediate. The cells are disrupted during the procedure and they begin their process of losing volume, shrinking and expelling. This can take a few days. Most customers are recommended a process of about 30-40 minutes, 3 times a week, for a couple weeks. This will be sufficient to effect the change needed to cause the fat to expel from the body. This process is painless and seamless. It will appear you did a crash diet but no dieting or exercise is required.

With ZERONA®, a series of laser beams scans your treated area externally while you lay on a bed. The laser beam is cold and painless. You will feel nearly nothing and many customers literally fall asleep during the procedure, which is perfectly safe.

Afraid to go for the big areas? Try a double chin or under your arms. Yes it is effective, safe and applicable in nearly all areas of the body. You will see how effective this technique is.

Though the procedure is not as dramatically effective as surgery, it boasts being non-invasive, much less risky, and an FDA approved and safe procedure that is proven effective for contouring. We wouldn’t recommend it as a substitute for major weight loss routines. It is always advisable to be healthy and treat your body well with a good nutritious diet and moderate exercise. Nothing can really substitute a life of healthy habits. However, if you’ve got an inch or so here and there that you’d like to tweak, the laser lipo procedure can be a truly effective technique.

Go with a place that has the experience and knowledge

If you are in the Toronto, CA area and are looking to try laser lipo, you may want to visit the Liliana Laser Clinic, which is the first company in the area to use the ZERONA® laser. Liliana has the reputation of being the best and most reliable practitioner for the laser lipo technique, and without needing to have invasive plastic surgery, check it out and call Liliana for more information about this procedure and its other advanced skin care treatments.