Laser Acne Treatment

Adolescence is such a challenging time in life. Our bodies are naturally changing. We’re shedding our childlike features and becoming full-fledged grown-ups, taking a physically and emotionally torturous path along the way. Our voices change, cracking and lowering their pitch. Our teeth, finally all grown in, may need straightening, so we require painful and very noticeable braces. We discover that our bodies stink—really, really stink—so we need to get used to bathing regularly and using deodorant. Hair begins to grow where it never used to before. SO MANY changes are taking place, and we have NO CONTROL over what is happening.

And then there are the pimples.


Ah, now that is something we can help you with. Acne is painful and embarrassing, and if we cannot possibly control our impulse to pick at the pimples, they leave unsightly scars. Aren’t our bodies torturing us enough during this transformative time of our lives?

Come see us. Let us help you get a handle on your acne. We can address the current breakouts you’re experiencing, and work to reduce the scarring that may be leftover from previous breakouts. We don’t have a Laser Boyfriend Problems Treatment, but our Laser Acne Treatment will allow you to gain a little bit of control over your skin. At this phase of your life, any help is a HUGE help.

So now you’re a mother of two. Your body is finally readjusting to its natural rhythm after birthing and weaning children. And lo and behold, what pops up on your face? Your old enemy, your teenage nemesis, acne. Quite honestly, you were CERTAIN that you were done with pimples. Pimples are for thirteen year olds, not thirty-three year olds, right?? All at once, you realize you are a person who applies wrinkle cream under her eyes and pimple cream on her chin, daily. If only your face could decide which decade it wants to settle in, that would be fantastic.

Call a cease-fire with your face. Come see us. Allow us to help you solve your middle age acne crisis. You have enough on your plate, with children and career and the weight of the world, without needing to feverishly cover up your dark circles AND your embarrassing pimples before your big meeting at work.

We get it—you want to feel youthful, young, vibrant. But you don’t want ALL of the elements of youth. Say farewell to acne and give us a call!