laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of keeping up with other time consuming hair removal treatments, waxing, shaving, or using tweezers to remove hair, then you might want to consider laser hair removal.  There are a few things to consider before going for laser hair removal and we hope to answer some questions that you may have about the treatment.


How Much Does It Cost?

Treatment for laser hair removal has many steps throughout the process.  This treatment is not a one time procedure that removes all of your hair at once.  Typical intensive treatment plans occur in multiple phases and each phase removes the hair until it’s completely smooth and bare.


The cost for laser hair removal in a smaller area like the bikini, it could typically run between $350-$500.  Treatment of the chest will typically cost between $350-$600, whereas a large area like the back may cost $600-$900.  These prices are an average and it’s best to consult with your local skin care center or clinic to discuss what you need and how much it would cost.  Most laser clinics and skin care centers will have different treatment options and payment plans to make hair removal affordable.


How Does It Work?

There are typically two types of lasers used for treatment that are FDA-cleared.  The reason for having more than one laser is because not one laser can provide treatment for the different types of skin and color.  The two types of lasers that are used for treatment are the Alexandrite and the YAG.  The Alexandrite is used for lighter skin types and is considered the best option for equipment when it comes to laser hair removal.  The YAG is used for darker skin colors and is considered the gold standard as it is extremely safe and minimizes post-treatment risks.  


The treatment is done by pointing a concentrated beam (laser) at the hair.  The skin will absorb the beam and the light will kill the hair follicles that it comes in contact with.  Depending on the patient’s pain tolerance, it can feel like a small pinch to the area or a rubber band snapping the skin.  The laser treatment will stunt the growth of the hairs for long periods of time, as it could last for months or even years, depending on the skin and hair of the patient.


What Type Of Hair Color Works On Laser Hair Removal?

First, laser hair removal can be given to any type of skin color or pigment.  However, the color of the hair is the most important factor in how efficient the treatment can be.  The light coming from the concentrated beam is naturally attracted to dark colors, so dark hair will yield the best results for laser hair removal.  Although blonde, gray, and red hair do not produce the best results, they are still treatable and effective.  This is the reason why most clinics will have multiple lasers to work with as lighter and darker hair follicles respond differently to different lasers.  If you are making plans to get laser hair removal from a reputable clinic, they will most likely have a variety of lasers that will accommodate your skin color and hair follicles.  Consult with the clinic prior to receiving treatment.