Microneedling Solutions at Liliana Laser Clinic

Microneedling may seem like an intimidating type of facial procedure, mainly because needle is in its name, but it’s become a proven treatment that’s considered more effective than other contemporary facial methods.

As all of us age we also gradually decrease our elastin and collagen production levels, and the decrease of these vital skin proteins is what creates the typical array of aging signs. Microneedling, which is also referred to as collagen induction therapy, produces much longer lasting results than traditional facial methods because you’re legitimately thickening your skin by building up collagen levels through the tiny injections.

Injections of any kind when it comes to skincare can of course seem rather intimidating, but if you take a look at any type of before and after shots you’ll undoubtedly have a better understanding of just how effective microneedling is and the results it’s capable of producing.

This type of facial treatment is for those who are looking to get real, long-lasting results by reigniting personal collagen production so your skin can begin to heal all on its own.

We’ve taken on the liberty right here at the Liliana Laser Clinic to provide an entire crash course on microneedling, so you can now better determine if this type of treatment is right for you.