What is electrolysis?

During electrolysis, a tiny probe, the same size as the hair is gently inserted into the hair follicle, down to the papilla (the part that nourishes the hair). A very low electrical current destroys the papilla, ending further hair growth.

Is electrolysis painful ?

Until now the electrical current used in the process was transmitted at a fixed intensity, resulting in an unpleasant sensation. During the insertion of the probe, the system modulates the intensity and duration of the current, achieving next-to-painless electrolysis.

How long does it last ?

When performed correctly, electrolysis, which utilizes the probe, is the longest lasting hair removal method for all skin and hair types.

How many electrolysis treatments I need?

The number of treatments required depends on several factors:
The size of the area being treated
How much hair is involved
The skill of the operator
The quality of the equipment