What acne treatment is offered at a laser spa?

Considering getting an acne treatment at a laser spa? Good for you – because this is truly one of the best ways to handle your acne.

Acne isn’t just pimples

Most people think of acne as just ‘getting pimples.’ But it’s not quite that simple. Acne is called acne because it’s a disease. Fortunately a curable one but a minor disease of the oil glands in your skin. Acne can affect most commonly your face, neck, chest, shoulder and back area. This is because these areas have the most oil production.

If you are someone suffering a while from acne, whether a teen or adult, first know it is incredibly common. Acne affects nearly 3 out of 4 people. Some people are lucky enough to go through a phase of it, where they have the willpower to not touch it, and then it’s gone. For most of us earthly human real people though, that’s not the case. We touch it, we squeeze, we tweeze, we torture ourselves and then it just gets…worse!

Going back to what acne is, the problem with touching your acne, is that you are exacerbating the problem to begin with, which is a blockage and dirt getting into the pores. Then you can start to overproduce sebum and oil and then it becomes a nightmare for you. Sound familiar? That is why you must try your best to avoid your at home dermatology practice. Even if you are wearing surgical gloves and using sterilized instruments, you are probably harming the skin in some way and you just have to stop. But that doesn’t mean you are out of options and need to wear a face mask when you go out.

Take acne treatment seriously

This should give you extra incentive to figure out a better way. When you go to a laser clinic to get acne treatment, it is one of the best ways to know you are doing something great about it.  

Remember acne is a physical issue, but it also affects a person psychologically. People get shy, and start exhibiting antisocial behaviors and this is not good for you or your friends and loved ones. Therefore, people who suffer from acne need to see it as something that they really should tackle professionally.

It may help you to know you have likely done nothing wrong to cause the acne. It’s not because you eat cheeseburgers and fries and you like ice cream too much. It’s not because you didn’t wash your sheets although doing better about these things can help a little. It doesn’t solve the problem and the problem wasn’t originally caused by that. It’s simply a hormone thing, and it’s totally normal and common. But now you must focus on treating and fixing it.

Do pimple types affect acne treatment

You probably instinctively know all the kinds of pimples there are – the ones with white heads, the blackheads, the little pink ones, and the red painful ones. It doesn’t matter what type of acne you have, they are all basically caused by the same issues. And can be cured by the same treatments.

Things to avoid when you have acne and are undergoing acne treatment

Try to avoid oily products, it can be helpful to eat right, and keep your clothes and bedding clean. Wash yourself quickly after workouts and don’t be in the sun too long. Avoid oily makeup or makeup in general, if you can. Keep your hair out of your face at night.

What is involved in acne treatment

At a laser clinic or spa, they may perform a number of effective treatments for acne. One is a low-level laser therapy (3LT) treatment which is basically a cold laser that kills the bacteria that causes acne (P. acnes), and yet leaves the healthy skin cells. This has been proven to cure acne.

The cold laser is different from regular laser because it’s at a lower power to avoid risking burns and it stimulates the body’s cells which in turns speeds up the healing process. The procedure is painless and also treats acne scars and swelling.

The laser is basically placed over the skin where the acne is located and just applied for anywhere from 5-20 minutes, depending on how severe the acne is. Again, there is no pain involved – patients just feel a slight warming sensation.

How many treatments are needed?

It would be nice if it only took one treatment of five minutes to cure all acne, however it is a little more involved. Typically, a patient will undergo two treatments a week for 4-6 weeks and they will start seeing results after a couple weeks.

Are there side effects to cold laser acne treatment?

The older hot lasers and accutane can cause side effects such as irritation and burn. The low level laser treatment however, has nearly no known side effects whatsoever.

Also, patients can go right to work after a treatment. The lasers do not cause any changes in the skin that are visible and embarrassing.

How to get laser acne treatment that will lead to clear smooth skin

The skin you have been dreaming about is right around the corner. Simply contact your local aesthetic laser clinic or med spa and ask about this wonderful treatment. You should not have to suffer the indignity of an infected face anymore. Plus the longer you allow the acne problem to stick around, the more you risk scarring. Even if you already have scars, this kind of treatment can help with that as well. The clinic will also have other procedures such as microdermabrasion which will help with that as well.

As a treatment that doesn’t involve chemicals, only low level laser acne therapy is proven to deliver successful outcomes within a short time frame, truly attacking the issue and getting it resolved.

Whether you are a teenager or adult, this acne treatment is very effective.

By undergoing the cold laser therapy acne treatment as well as following basic measures to keep skin clean and in good condition, you can beat the disease and be your full social self again.

Should you consider Botox for your fine lines and wrinkles

It can be argued that botox is the leading product that smooths fine lines and wrinkles. It has long now been considered a miracle product in the cosmetic industry. However it does have its pros and cons.

Is botox dangerous?

Botox is a neurotoxin and comes from the a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. It is not to be ingested due to the fact that it affects the nerves in the muscles and can cause paralysis and worse. But in its clinical use in spas and at the dermatologist office, it is only injected in super tiny amounts to specific little muscles in the face, neck etc. The bacteria then causes a block between the muscle and nerve and the muscle relaxes. Thus, smoothing out the wrinkle. And in turn over time, your muscle isn’t being utilized as much – such as a frown or smile line muscle so it keeps the wrinkle from reforming as well.

The procedure of using botox for fine lines and wrinkles should only be performed in an office with an experienced and licensed nurse or doctor. In small doses, the FDA has approved its use as safe with minimal side effects.

Does botox make me look like I’ve had plastic surgery?

Botox is not really a procedure that causes you to look like you’ve had lots of surgery, unless you overdo it. Because it relaxes the muscles, a lot of injections done often is going to give your face a less expressive and more static look. Most professional licensed clinicians understand this and only administer botox in the most safe and effective way to improve your appearance without making you look plastic.

For the people who get botox done professionally, normally no one can tell. However, using too many fillers in addition to the botox can definitely give you a more puffy plus immobile appearance that seems less natural. There is always a balance between improving your look and changing your look to something less natural or less appealing.

Botox is a very powerful way to dramatically enhance your appearance by removing fine lines and wrinkles immediately. This power should be wielded carefully and considerately. For instance, you may wish to choose what area of your face to have it done. Typically between the eyes, crow’s feet, forehead and smile lines are most common choices, however, because the muscles of the face are so intricate you will want to use it most minimally so you can keep expression. Expression in the face is also part of your beauty and your appeal. It is important to discuss with your clinician how to reduce a fine line or wrinkle you want to see removed and still retain natural expression.

In conclusion

In conclusion, botox is generally considered safe when administered in a professional licensed facility, and definitely reduces and improves fine lines and wrinkles. However, botox should always be used minimally, with consideration given to where to do the work and how to do it in such a way to retain natural and free expression.

Visit your local medical spa or dermatologist to learn more and make sure to ask questions and when it comes to your appearance, never let anyone else tell you what is wrong with you and convince you to do something you are not sure you want to do. It is important that you are on the same page with your clinician, whether it is with a laser hair removal treatment or a botox injection. You can be very happy with your botox treatment if you have all of your facts, and feel in total control of the decision you make

How a laser clinic can improve your life

The concept of the laser clinic or laser spa was completely nonexistent just 30 years ago. Chances are, when you were growing up, this was not even a part of regular life. Fortunately, with advances in these medical technologies, the laser has proven quite powerful in helping people get a new lease on life.

Before laser hair removal, there was painful waxing, endless shaving and electrolysis. Now with just a series of laser hair treatments, you can virtually go weeks or months without shaving your legs or underarms. This is a revolution in grooming and care for women and men. But the issue does go deep. For women and men, some of these issues they have had to deal with also deeply affect their wellbeing. Now with lasers helping to do everything from liposuction to skin resurfacing and hair removal, things have really changed in the beauty industry and it is helping people feel better about themselves. It is often said that physical beauty starts with the skin. That is why a laser clinic is an ideal place to visit to learn how to dramatically improve your skin and improve your overall appearance.

If you are someone who has wrestled with acne, rosacea, skin pigment problems, sunspots, or you struggle to lose fat or you struggle with aging skin or nail fungus, all these issues are now handled expertly and noninvasively at a laser clinic.

Procedures vs. Medical Intervention

In the old days, it was much more common to take medicine or use topical lotions for a lot of skin issues. Now, with the procedures offered at laser clinics, it is possible to go without medicine. In the case of liposuction you can even have a laser procedure done that involves no surgery. The reduction of risk and inconvenience, while improving results, is a huge breakthrough in the cosmetic field.

Laser clinic procedures

By far the most popular and common treatment performed in laser clinics, is laser hair removal. The reason this procedure is so popular is it works very well to reduce or nearly eliminate hair growth for an extended period of time. Though it’s not recommended for hormonal hair, it’s highly effective in common areas people like to treat such as legs, bikini, arms, back, chest, and underarms. Another reason it is so popular is that despite very minor sensation, it is not really that painful compared to the much more painful waxing or tweezing. Lasers are also improving all the time, leading to even better results for customers.

Also popular in laser clinics is the variety of skin treatments offered to improve skin appearance and health. Lasers can tighten the skin, perform noninvasive liposuction, clear toenail fungus, photo facial rejuvenation to help with rosacea, microdermabrasion to improve overall skin tone and a variety of skin problems, acne treatments and more. All of these treatments can also be performed in the same sessions and you can simply pick from a menu of items to improve your skin health.

These procedures offer such a major improvement in skin appearance in many cases, that people really get a boost of self-confidence. Their life overall improves and they can feel like a new person.

Try visiting your local laser clinic and inquiring about the various services offered. You can ask any questions you like about safety, risk, proven results, and more, and the experts at these clinics should be able to provide all of your answers and help you feel comfortable to move forward with any procedure you like.

Many people don’t realize even still today, that a laser clinic is an amazing option for them when it comes to their skin problems. The industry is still fairly new and yet it is only improving and growing. As more and more people realize the awesome benefits of going to a laser clinic, it will likely become a place that people visit more often. A laser clinic is essentially a beauty secret because of the drastic improvements it can make to your skin.

Is microdermabrasion good for your skin?

When people hear the term “microdermabrasion” it can invoke something that seems invasive or risky – probably because of the term “abrasion.” However, it is simply a word that describes the process of removing a part of the skin that already naturally gets removed over time. It just does it at once leaving your skin looking fresh and clear.

How does microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion is a procedure performed at a medical spa, spa or dermatologist office, that involves exfoliating the outer dry dead skin cell layer. The machines used in this procedure will polish the skin with the use of small tiny crystals or diamond tip and then suck out the loose cells with a vacuum. As you can imagine, because you are leaving your skin a bit vulnerable, it is important to stay clear of the sun and use a good sunscreen for added caution.

Can’t I do microdermabrasion at home?

There are microdermabrasion kits, machines and brushes you can use at home that are sold in drugstores or beauty supply stores. These types of at-home treatments are not as precise as an office or spa treatment. At the spa, the machines simply go deeper and they ensure everything is sterile and clean.

At home you may risk not having the most clean environment or storing your tools improperly which can lead to breakouts, infection or irritation in the skin. Nevertheless, using buffers, exfoliants and microdermabrasion at home can help keep your skin in good shape between spa treatments.

How many procedures do I need?

Some people come for one treatment. Others may have things they are really working on, such as clogged pores, blotchy skin, and fine lines where they can benefit from a series of treatments over time. Microdermabrasion can also be useful for people who have mild but regular breakouts on their skin.

Treatments are usually spaced out 1-2 months apart to allow the skin to fully regenerate.

Is microdermabrasion painful either during or after treatment?

The procedure of microdermabrasion itself is not painful at all. After the treatment, the skin might be a bit flushed and red for a few hours and a bit more sensitive. This is normal since the histamines in the skin have been touched and generally this can lead to some mild sensitivity. Fortunately some aloe, serum, moisturizer or sunscreen can be applied after that helps soothes any sensitivity. The next day any sensitivity should be gone. For people who do get histamine reactions more, such as those prone to hives or welts, either in the sun or in reaction to chemicals, they may see more blotchiness after a treatment, in which an oral antihistamine can be taken to reduce any swelling. These reactions also usually go away in hours or after a day.

Is microdermabrasion the same as a chemical peel?

Nope. Microdermabrasion is not the same process as a chemical peel, or even a resurfacing laser treatment. It is a much less invasive treatment, which you can think of as just a very professional elevated form of exfoliating. The great thing about microdermabrasion is that it can help so many little skin issues such as whiteheads, milia, pigment issues, minor sunspots, and even fine lines. Though microdermabrasion is not a cure for deep wrinkles, serious pigmentation issues or moles, for most people, the procedure is a great way to freshen up the skin as part of a facial, or by itself.

Benefits of a Clinic Like Ours

If you haven’t discovered the world of aesthetic benefits from the advancement of lasers in the past few years, you need to pay a visit to the Liliana Laser Clinic. With currently seven locations in the Toronto area, Liliana Laser Clinic uses the latest in laser technology and years of expertise to provide world class service to our many satisfied customers.

What types of issues does Liliana Laser Clinic help with?

You may be wondering what types of issues an advanced laser spa like Liliana Laser Clinic can help with. Basically our clinic can help with a wide variety of typical skin issues such as:

  • Fat removal without liposuction
  • Cellulite removal
  • Acne
  • Aging and pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Hair removal
  • Toenail fungus
  • Sagging skin

The nice thing about the latest advancements in laser skin spa care is that all these typical skin woes can be drastically reduced or eliminated without major intervention or surgery. Usually a mostly pleasant short experience on a spa bed with aromatherapy and soothing music playing is all you will need to ‘endure’ in order to take care of these pesky issues. In addition, often many of our treatments leave no visible effects so you can return right back to work – however, check on your procedure to make certain.

How easy is it to make an appointment?

At Liliana Laser Clinic, we make it super simple to book an appointment by simply calling us at 1-866-952-7371. We are usually open on weekends as well for even more convenience so you don’t have to interrupt your work days for treatment.

Do you offer the latest in laser hair removal treatments?

Yes, our lasers are high end and up to date. We also have the type of lasers that work faster and more efficiently. Therefore, the sessions can be shorter and more convenient.

Safe and effective treatments for all your skincare needs

When we look at other people who appear to have flawless skin, are thin, and have little to no body hair, we often feel like they were born that way. Though this may certainly be the case, for many people, achieving these features takes some work and some visits to an advanced aesthetic spa like Liliana Laser Clinic. Typical skin issues such as acne, rosacea, cellulite, age spots and coarse body hair no longer need to be an issues in your life with just some convenient easy spa treatments.

The most wonderful thing about our modern laser spa care is that all our treatments are proven safe in addition to being so effective with minimum to no discomfort. Many people worry that laser treatments are painful, or can cause damage but this is not true at all. With our licensed, trained and experienced professionals, we can assure that at Liliana Laser Clinic you will receive the best care and your treatments are safe. Imagine how you will feel after a set of easy painless treatments that within weeks leads to no cellulite, no acne or no hair. And all this at no risk!

Have the laser and aesthetic care professionals at Liliana Laser Clinic show you what they can do to transform your life and make you feel and look your best.

My Experience with Laser Skin Tightening

Laser Skin Tightening

Have you heard of laser skin tightening? A couple months ago, I attended the one year old birthday party of my friend’s son. Her son, Gary, spent most of the afternoon sleeping peacefully in his grandmother’s lap, and therefore I got to spend a good deal of time talking to my friend. Having spent the better part of a year attached to a small baby, it was nice to get to catch up. She recently started a new job at a skin clinic in my area, and of course I wanted all the details. She was a trained registered nurse and ended up working in this field because it worked better for her new mom life.

I asked her what were all the treatments people get and which ones were most effective of course, and I was surprised at some of her answers. Laser hair removal is by far the most popular treatment in the office which I expected, but she also mentioned procedures I had never heard of, such as photo rejuvenation. I just pictured someone in a white coat taking pictures of me and flash in my face and somehow I’d get up off the bed, and my skin is glowing. I expect most people think this way the first time they hear of this procedure or perhaps it’s just me. Then she mentioned laser skin tightening treatment and though I pretended not to be impressed, I had to look it up as soon as I got home. Turns out it is a thing! You can actually get your skin tightened without a chin lift or an eye lift. I had no idea.

Basically as you age, it is inevitable. The gravity and loss of collagen just takes over. For some of us sooner than others. It’s not super fun and it’s just one element of life I thought I was just going to ignore. After all, I’m not vain, right? But I couldn’t help reading further and getting interested in this. Many people claim it’s pretty fantastic but hard to trust reviews these days.

The claims of laser skin tightening

Laser skin tightening claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin. Now of course, it is really important to underscore the use of the word “appearance.” It is the only way that professionals ensure that they cannot be sued for false claims. And it is a good thing not to mislead customers. It is not the same thing as actually taking fat or loose skin off of your body or face.

Does laser skin tightening do anything?

So the way it works is that just through an external laser applied to the skin, it heats the collagen underneath the surface of the skin and boom, this automatically tightens the skin. The effect is basically immediate! They recommend having a treatment once a month for a few months. Thermal energy is basically a newer technique used in the past few years to affect biophysical changes in the skin’s cellular structure. So, the answer is basically yes, it is doing something – and yes, it is effective.

You may have heard of other benefits of thermal energy applied to the skin such as scar treatment. It works to reduce the appearance of scars by remodeling the collagen tissue. This same principle applies to skin tightening, because it involves contracting the skin by this heat energy and the chemical changes it enforces in the skin. A similar biophysical change happens with exercise and contracting the muscles – the tissue heals itself into a tighter structure. Thus producing a toned effect. You can imagine this also can work on the face by doing facial exercises.

Surgery is not for me

As someone who refuses to go under the knife for any cosmetic reason, I was attracted to this idea, so I felt it would not hurt to give it a try. At 41 my wrinkles and sagging are not majorly noticeable but they are to me and even the slightest difference could make me look younger, like applying a slight filter to a picture of myself on photoshop. Not that I have done that ahem. I started back at the end of April and did 4 treatments – my last one was last month. This is my experience. After the first treatment I saw an immediate change and felt it too. My skin felt toned but I couldn’t necessarily see it. After the last treatment, I have to say for me, my forehead and chin are noticeably better now. I compared to pictures of myself back over Christmas last year and today and that little crevice that forms my double chin on the side of my jaw is much less noticeable – I can’t really find it. My forehead creases are definitely softer.

Laser skin tightening recommendation

Based on my experience, I would say if you are looking for a small change and are middle-aged like me, you may benefit a lot from this procedure. I cannot speak for inches of sagging skin in the 70+ age range, but for the purposes of contouring a middle aged face, it has some benefits! I’m sure for younger people under 40 or even under 30, they can benefit if they have premature crow’s feet or forehead lines. In addition, for post-pregnancy belly it can be something that helps enhance the process of getting your body back.

You can tell right away after the first treatment how the tightening works and after that if you go for treatments every few years I think it can make the difference of looking younger as you age. Of course this is my opinion or experience, and does not reflect the opinion of others nor am I stating facts.

Laser skin tightening is a procedure that has made a difference in my life and I am enjoying the compliments lately that I have been looking ‘refreshed’ even in my most stressed-out days.

How to find a good laser skin clinic

I would check out your local skin laser clinic for a consultation and to see if you might be a good candidate for laser skin tightening. Many people think these places will tell you anything for the money, but actually they exist by their reputation and only benefit from happy customers and good word of mouth.

Definitely find a place with a good reputation that uses advanced techniques and is properly licensed and experienced. Always ask for pros and cons, and check if they offer any special packages or pricing. And if you decide laser skin tightening is not the procedure you might be looking for, these skin clinics will often have a menu of other advanced techniques that can help you with common ailments like acne or cellulite that are highly effective. 

Latest Advancements in Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

By now, almost everyone has heard of the revolutionary technique of laser hair removal to remove hair. The hair removal industry is a huge multi-billion dollar worldwide business, and laser hair removal continues to be the leader in hair removal techniques. Almost anyone who has heard of it or tried it catches on that advancements in hair removal can only grow with the invention of laser hair removal and the machines that perform this treatment.

Painless Hair Removal

One of the most attractive features of laser hair removal is the fact that, despite the folks that have a very low pain tolerance, the procedure is not as painful compared to plucking or waxing. If a person is presented with the fact that all their unwanted hair, all their embarrassing moments where they forgot to shave an area or feel stubble growing at an alarming rate, can be eliminated within a few treatments, many will sign up.

Therefore the industry recognized that pain is one major feature to keep working on. Thus the latest laser machines work to combat any pain or discomfort in treating the skin. Some machines perform a variation of heat/cold to trick the skin from feeling any sensation. At Liliana Laser Clinic in Toronto, they currently use a machine that does this in combination with using a sweeping motion.

Full Coverage

Often, the older laser machines, would still manage to skip certain areas of the skin. If you are familiar with laser hair removal, the laser is applied to the skin by a technician who goes inch by inch to cover the whole treated area. Of course human error can affect how well the coverage of each treatment is. Now the latest machines work to diminish the possibility of human error of skipping certain areas by using motion or tracking to guide the laser to the hair pores. In addition, they can have a larger surface area on the probe.

Speed, length and amount of treatments

Another area of the laser hair removal equation, is the speed and efficiency of the treatments. Of course it is virtually impossible to bypass the fact that the body grows hair in cycles. Therefore, in order to treat all hair, you have to hit all those cycles. Fortunately the cycles are not necessarily endless – over a certain amount of time. This is why laser hair removal is so effective – and really does reduce hair. Even if only one or two cycles of hair grow in over the course of months or years, it still drastically reduces the need to shave.

So in spite of cycles and the need for a certain amount of treatments, at least the treatments can be quicker and more effective. Therefore, the laser hair removal industry has also focused on this aspect of advancing their machines. The latest machines are more effective in working faster by covering more surface area and effecting a faster zapping process.

Skin Pigmentation and hair colour

Faced with the fact that we must shave, wax, pluck and depilate for our entire lives or go through a series of treatments that costs about the cost of a nice large flat-screen TV, it is easy to see why laser hair removal is such a hot business.

But blondes with darker skin or dark skinned people with lighter hair may have found laser hair treatments in the past less effective for them. The latest laser machines are also effective in distinguishing even the smallest difference in pigment between the skin and hair to help this issue. Because the technology works in that it recognizes a difference in pigmentation, this is still a process that requires more attention from the industry in coming years.

Laser Hair Removal is a great way to remove unwanted hair

Due to its many benefits and the fact that any downsides are diminishing as the years go by, laser hair removal continues to be arguably the best way to remove unwanted hair. Places like Liliana Laser Clinic in Toronto keep an eye out for industry breakthroughs in laser hair removal and other skincare treatments in order to provide customers the most effective care.

What is laser lipo and is it as effective as liposuction for weight loss?

Laser lipo, lipo laser, or laser liposuction is a technique of using lasers to perform a noninvasive form of liposuction. Liposuction is when the fat cells are disrupted or broken down and are removed from the body. In laser lipo, the lasers penetrate cells and open them up, making them porous so the fat leaks out of the openings and out through the body’s regular lymphatic and digestive systems. So it is simply expelled out of the body as waste in its natural process. There is no ‘suction’ part of this procedure.  At least this is true for the ZERONA® laser performed at the Liliana Laser Clinic in Toronto, CA.

The ZERONA® laser difference

Back in 2009, the only certified medical spa in Ontario to offer the lipolaser treatments using ZERONA® was the Liliana Laser Clinic. Therefore, their technicians are the most experienced and reliable in the area for this type of laser lipo and they can attest to its effectiveness.

How effective is laser lipo?

As a matter of weight loss from a person with a moderate amount of extra body fat, this laser technique can help you lose inches from the typical fat storing areas of the body, such as waist, hips, thighs and buttocks for women, or belly and even chest for men. In fact, male breast fat reduction is one of the most popular uses of this effective technique.  For someone of considerable or obese body weight, it may be recommended to first attempt a diet and exercise routine to lose weight as naturally as possible before using a procedure like this. Typically laser lipo is most effective as a contouring benefit for the body – to perfect and sculpt, rather than effect major weight loss.

Without the need for extensive exercise, diet, pills, and traditional liposuction or lap-band surgery, the ZERONA® laser is a groundbreaking laser contouring technique that allows you to walk in and walk out within 30 minutes of this comfortable and easy procedure without any side effects.

Traditional liposuction is a serious surgery. And many are understandably wary of going under the knife just to lose some fat. As any surgery, there are a lot of risks in surgery, and there are also many who are allergic to anesthesia. Fortunately there is a better alternative.

How long does it take laser lipo to work?

The procedure is fairly immediate. The cells are disrupted during the procedure and they begin their process of losing volume, shrinking and expelling. This can take a few days. Most customers are recommended a process of about 30-40 minutes, 3 times a week, for a couple weeks. This will be sufficient to effect the change needed to cause the fat to expel from the body. This process is painless and seamless. It will appear you did a crash diet but no dieting or exercise is required.

With ZERONA®, a series of laser beams scans your treated area externally while you lay on a bed. The laser beam is cold and painless. You will feel nearly nothing and many customers literally fall asleep during the procedure, which is perfectly safe.

Afraid to go for the big areas? Try a double chin or under your arms. Yes it is effective, safe and applicable in nearly all areas of the body. You will see how effective this technique is.

Though the procedure is not as dramatically effective as surgery, it boasts being non-invasive, much less risky, and an FDA approved and safe procedure that is proven effective for contouring. We wouldn’t recommend it as a substitute for major weight loss routines. It is always advisable to be healthy and treat your body well with a good nutritious diet and moderate exercise. Nothing can really substitute a life of healthy habits. However, if you’ve got an inch or so here and there that you’d like to tweak, the laser lipo procedure can be a truly effective technique.

Go with a place that has the experience and knowledge

If you are in the Toronto, CA area and are looking to try laser lipo, you may want to visit the Liliana Laser Clinic, which is the first company in the area to use the ZERONA® laser. Liliana has the reputation of being the best and most reliable practitioner for the laser lipo technique, and without needing to have invasive plastic surgery, check it out and call Liliana for more information about this procedure and its other advanced skin care treatments.

What to Expect from Laser Skin Tightening

If you are interested in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin on your face, a unique option you should consider is laser skin tightening. Laser skin tightening can effectively tighten your skin, dramatically reducing the appearance of wrinkles and giving you a more youthful appearance.

What it is

Laser skin tightening is a process used to tighten skin in a nonsurgical, minimally invasive way. A laser is used to heat the collagen under the surface of the skin, tightening the skin as it contracts. Skin tightening of the face is immediately noticeable. That and the fact that no downtime is needed makes this procedure increasingly popular. For optimal results, patients should receive their laser skin tightening treatments two or three times over a few months. Laser skin tightening has been approved by the FDA as a method for reducing skin laxity, wrinkles, and fine lines. Though patients will not see results that are as dramatic as a facelift can offer, the lower cost makes laser skin tightening a great option.

What to Expect

The patient must remove all substances on their skin before a treatment session, such as sunscreen, oils, and makeup. A topical anesthetic is applied by the practitioner to the area being treated. The patient is also given protective eyewear. Patients who experience discomfort may opt to use over-the-counter pain medications before their treatment.

Treatments for laser skin tightening usually take place in a cosmetic dermatologist’s office. During the procedure, pulses of laser energy are briefly applied to the skin by the practitioner using a handpiece. To help keep the patient comfortable, cool air is continuously blown on the patient’s face. Typically, the practitioner must treat the same area three times to provide optimal results. Depending on the location and size of the treated area, the session can last between 30 minutes and an hour.

With laser skin tightening, the patient can immediately return to their normal daily activities. There are minimal side effects that may include minor swelling, redness, and a warm feeling on the skin. The side effects generally disappear within a few hours.

Is it Painful?

No, it is not painful to have a laser skin tightening treatment. Before the treatment begins, an anesthetic cream is put over the area by the practitioner to help minimize any discomfort the patient may feel. Minor discomfort may be felt by a patient undergoing a skin tightening treatment because of the heat from the laser. The cool blasts emitted from the laser skin tightening handpiece helps to ease any discomfort created by the heat. These blasts of cool air not only help the patient feel more comfortable but can also prevent the outer layer of skin from being burned.


Laser skin tightening is a great method for anyone interested in gaining a more youthful appearance through reducing skin laxity, wrinkles, and fine lines. It is a safe procedure that can be done quickly and comfortably. If you are interested in smoothing over your wrinkles, give us a call today.


Risks of Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is a very effective method to remove fat deposits from your body. Problem is, if you regain the weight after your liposuction treatment, the bulges of fat that were removed during the process will return.

Right after surgery, you will be able to notice some improvements in the contour of your body. These improvements may continue to be seen for weeks after the procedure as the swelling continues to reduce. It could take several months for you to see the full effects of the laser liposuction procedure.


There are some risks associated with laser liposuction but is typically considered safe when done in a properly equipped facility by an experienced doctor. The risk of complications may increase if you are having a large area treated. Some of the most common side effects of laser liposuction include:

  • Treated areas being numb, sore, bruised or swollen temporarily.
  • Minor scarring and irritation in an area where the incision was made.
  • Skin that is rippling or baggy. It may take a few months for the skin to tighten around the area. Some people may have loose skin indefinitely.
  • Changes in the color of the skin in the area.
  • Skin that is uneven on the surface around the treated area.
  • Some damage to the skin and nerves may be possible.

After the procedure, if you gain weight, the fat in your body may be stored in a different place. Some of this fat may grow inside your body around your liver, heart, or other organs. This could potentially be harmful to your health, more so than fat in other parts of your body. Therefore, anyone who undergoes laser liposuction needs to be careful to not gain excess weight after the procedure.

Potential Complications

It is extremely rare for anyone to die from laser liposuction, but it can happen. Your risks are increased if you have health problems, are obese, or if you have a large amount of fat removed. Some potential complications include:

  • The shock from excessive fluid and blood loss is possible but extremely unlikely.
  • Life-threatening conditions caused by blood clots or fat clots traveling to the lungs.
  • Fluid buildup in the lungs.
  • An infection, though antibiotics can be given to prevent this.
  • Having a toxic reaction to the solution injected.
  • Abdominal organs being punctured.

Laser liposuction should never be performed on anyone who is pregnant, has a blood clotting disorder, or anyone with severe heart problems.


If you are interested in have a laser liposuction done, it is important to find a doctor with specialized training who can respond to any complications that may arise during surgery. It is also best to have liposuction done while having any other cosmetic procedures to reduce the risk of complications.

Laser liposuction should never be done as a method to lose weight. Instead, a balanced diet and exercise is the best way for anyone to lose weight. The best candidates for laser liposuction are those at a healthy weight who are having problems with pockets of fat that will not respond to exercising.