Photo Facial Rejuvenation

Some of us have noticed new, unsightly spots on our skin as a result of too many fun, carefree, sunscreen-free days in the sun. Makeup may cover up the spots a bit, but we know they’re still there. Reminders that we maybe haven’t taken as good care of our skin as we should have.

Some of us live with rosacea on our faces. These patches of red skin, maybe bumps, maybe little red veins, can make us feel self-conscious. Perhaps we try to hide behind sunglasses or coat collars, or under the brim of a hat.

Some of us look in the mirror and find it difficult to look past what seem to be GIGANTIC skin pores staring right back at us. We can’t focus on the beauty of our skin when we are so distracted by these pores that just don’t want to blend into our skin.

We don’t want to cringe or shrink back when we look at ourselves in the mirror. We don’t want to be out in public, around other people, and be constantly wondering if other people notice the issues with our skin the way we do. We don’t want to decide to say no to invitations out with friends and family instead of saying yes, because we fear what feels like judgmental side glances from people.

What matters is not how other people feel about our appearance, but how WE feel about our appearance. How uneven pigmentation and other issues on our faces affect our self-confidence. We think of ourselves a certain way, and when what we see in the mirror doesn’t reflect what we see as our true selves, it feels…off. Perhaps a little disheartening.

We are tired of trying every facial product on the market to cover these issues up. We know they will show back up every night when we wash the makeup off our faces. We want them to be GONE.

We have discovered a solution. Photo facial rejuvenation addresses these issues and works within just a few weeks time to lighten or eliminate these issues. We are ready for a big change, a step toward a new normal, a realignment of how we look on the outside with how we feel on the inside.

When we are out in public, meeting new people, or at a business meeting with clients, or spending time with people we know and love, we don’t want to be constantly, painfully aware that the people looking at us are trying so hard to pretend like they don’t see what is on our faces. We want to know, for certain, that they see us.

Say Hello to Sandals Again

How do you feel about your feet? Are they long and slim? Short and wide? Do you have hairy toes or rough heels? Are your toenails painted? Long? Short? Strong? Do you get the occasional charlie horse? Plantars wart? Toenail fungus?

Our opinions about feet can be funny things. Just like every other part of our bodies, they vary from person to person in size and shape, and some of us think our feet are beautiful, while others of us think our feet just look a little bit weird. But our feet are so important to us. We put them through SO MUCH. No wonder they get achy and sore, and need special attention every now and then.

Are you a person who enjoys the annual flip-flop weather pedicure every Spring? Give those feet a bit of a face lift, so to speak? Or are you someone who hides your toes as often as you possibly can? Do you find your toenails to be unsightly, maybe even painful?

Do you suffer from toenail fungus?

You would not be alone. Toenail fungus is rather common. Here’s a cruel irony: toenail fungus is unsightly, right? So instead of wearing those flip flops around town during the summer, you wear close-toed shoes. And it’s 85 degrees outside. And your feet sweat. And they’re not breathing in those close-toed shoes. This is exactly what causes toenail fungus!

It seems like everyone has an opinion about how to treat toenail fungus, but do all of these at-home remedies actually work? Essential oils will help your feet smell like lavender, whether or not they heal your toes. Soaking your feet in mouthwash may not kill toenail fungus, but it will definitely give you blue feet for awhile. Talk about unsightly.

Even though toenail fungus is a relatively common ailment, its treatment can be challenging. When you’re finished experimenting with what you can find in your cabinets at home, please come see us. We use a laser treatment to take care of this unsightly and stubborn issue, to give you your feet back. So you can go get those pedicures. So you can sport those flip flops on the beach and those open-toed heels at parties.

Your feet do a lot for you. They walk, run, swim, dance, tip toe you through every part of your busy life. When they need a little extra care, take care of them the best way you can, so they can go back to carrying you through every obstacle you encounter.

Laser Acne Treatment

Adolescence is such a challenging time in life. Our bodies are naturally changing. We’re shedding our childlike features and becoming full-fledged grown-ups, taking a physically and emotionally torturous path along the way. Our voices change, cracking and lowering their pitch. Our teeth, finally all grown in, may need straightening, so we require painful and very noticeable braces. We discover that our bodies stink—really, really stink—so we need to get used to bathing regularly and using deodorant. Hair begins to grow where it never used to before. SO MANY changes are taking place, and we have NO CONTROL over what is happening.

And then there are the pimples.


Ah, now that is something we can help you with. Acne is painful and embarrassing, and if we cannot possibly control our impulse to pick at the pimples, they leave unsightly scars. Aren’t our bodies torturing us enough during this transformative time of our lives?

Come see us. Let us help you get a handle on your acne. We can address the current breakouts you’re experiencing, and work to reduce the scarring that may be leftover from previous breakouts. We don’t have a Laser Boyfriend Problems Treatment, but our Laser Acne Treatment will allow you to gain a little bit of control over your skin. At this phase of your life, any help is a HUGE help.

So now you’re a mother of two. Your body is finally readjusting to its natural rhythm after birthing and weaning children. And lo and behold, what pops up on your face? Your old enemy, your teenage nemesis, acne. Quite honestly, you were CERTAIN that you were done with pimples. Pimples are for thirteen year olds, not thirty-three year olds, right?? All at once, you realize you are a person who applies wrinkle cream under her eyes and pimple cream on her chin, daily. If only your face could decide which decade it wants to settle in, that would be fantastic.

Call a cease-fire with your face. Come see us. Allow us to help you solve your middle age acne crisis. You have enough on your plate, with children and career and the weight of the world, without needing to feverishly cover up your dark circles AND your embarrassing pimples before your big meeting at work.

We get it—you want to feel youthful, young, vibrant. But you don’t want ALL of the elements of youth. Say farewell to acne and give us a call!

Laser Hair Removal

You’ve just been invited to the major social event of the year! You only have an hour to get ready! Your perfect, flattering, go-to dress is hanging in your closet just waiting for you! But first, you need to shave. You can only hope that a ponytail will suffice, since you have no time to style your hair properly.

You are an on-the-go mother of four! Between rushing them to and from school, taking them to the playground, the zoo, the community pool, you hardly have time to hastily apply a layer of deodorant before you head out the door. Maybe the other moms won’t notice your week-old stubble on your legs.

It’s a beautiful, hot summer day! Let’s pack up the kids and go to the beach! We’ll need swimsuits, sunscreen, beach towels, sand toys, sunglasses. And—oh, hold on for several minutes. I need to shave—EVERYTHING.

Or, do I?

We women are all to aware that silky smooth legs, bare armpits, and hairless bikini lines don’t simply occur naturally. We all cringe in communal, shared pain when we think of the occasional razor nick, or the painful red bumps of razor burn. We feel so triumphant after we’ve completed this arduous task, only to have to repeat the process a couple of days later.

Haven’t we had enough??

With laser hair removal, we can wave goodbye to the nicks and bumps and tiresome repetition forever. No longer do we have to plan ahead when we want to wear our swimsuits, or dresses, or sleeveless tops. We now have the opportunity to be unbound by the expectation that we maintain baby-smooth skin on our bodies which are so persistent in growing hair. We can wave goodbye to the expectation to shave, forever!

For some of us, we are less concerned about the unwanted hair growing on our legs than we are about the unwanted hair growing on our faces. It can be so easy to feel so debilitatingly self-conscious about the hair that connects our eyebrows, making one long brow when we’d really just love to have two separate brows. Some women are absolutely convinced that, whenever they talk to someone, the person is staring at the hair that grows above their upper lip, instead of paying attention to what they’re saying.

We care not about how well you fit in with what society insists is acceptable and beautiful, but about how you feel and how confident you are when you go about your business within this society. If your unwanted facial hair is making you say “no” more than you say “yes,” causing you to stay in when you should be out mingling with the world, or making you feel uneasy about looking people in the eye when you’re interacting with them, we couldn’t encourage you more to contact us. We’d love to have the honor of helping you rid yourself of your facial hair and embracing a new level of confidence that may have been difficult for you to achieve up until now.