What acne treatment is offered at a laser spa?

Considering getting an acne treatment at a laser spa? Good for you – because this is truly one of the best ways to handle your acne.

Acne isn’t just pimples

Most people think of acne as just ‘getting pimples.’ But it’s not quite that simple. Acne is called acne because it’s a disease. Fortunately a curable one but a minor disease of the oil glands in your skin. Acne can affect most commonly your face, neck, chest, shoulder and back area. This is because these areas have the most oil production.

If you are someone suffering a while from acne, whether a teen or adult, first know it is incredibly common. Acne affects nearly 3 out of 4 people. Some people are lucky enough to go through a phase of it, where they have the willpower to not touch it, and then it’s gone. For most of us earthly human real people though, that’s not the case. We touch it, we squeeze, we tweeze, we torture ourselves and then it just gets…worse!

Going back to what acne is, the problem with touching your acne, is that you are exacerbating the problem to begin with, which is a blockage and dirt getting into the pores. Then you can start to overproduce sebum and oil and then it becomes a nightmare for you. Sound familiar? That is why you must try your best to avoid your at home dermatology practice. Even if you are wearing surgical gloves and using sterilized instruments, you are probably harming the skin in some way and you just have to stop. But that doesn’t mean you are out of options and need to wear a face mask when you go out.

Take acne treatment seriously

This should give you extra incentive to figure out a better way. When you go to a laser clinic to get acne treatment, it is one of the best ways to know you are doing something great about it.  

Remember acne is a physical issue, but it also affects a person psychologically. People get shy, and start exhibiting antisocial behaviors and this is not good for you or your friends and loved ones. Therefore, people who suffer from acne need to see it as something that they really should tackle professionally.

It may help you to know you have likely done nothing wrong to cause the acne. It’s not because you eat cheeseburgers and fries and you like ice cream too much. It’s not because you didn’t wash your sheets although doing better about these things can help a little. It doesn’t solve the problem and the problem wasn’t originally caused by that. It’s simply a hormone thing, and it’s totally normal and common. But now you must focus on treating and fixing it.

Do pimple types affect acne treatment

You probably instinctively know all the kinds of pimples there are – the ones with white heads, the blackheads, the little pink ones, and the red painful ones. It doesn’t matter what type of acne you have, they are all basically caused by the same issues. And can be cured by the same treatments.

Things to avoid when you have acne and are undergoing acne treatment

Try to avoid oily products, it can be helpful to eat right, and keep your clothes and bedding clean. Wash yourself quickly after workouts and don’t be in the sun too long. Avoid oily makeup or makeup in general, if you can. Keep your hair out of your face at night.

What is involved in acne treatment

At a laser clinic or spa, they may perform a number of effective treatments for acne. One is a low-level laser therapy (3LT) treatment which is basically a cold laser that kills the bacteria that causes acne (P. acnes), and yet leaves the healthy skin cells. This has been proven to cure acne.

The cold laser is different from regular laser because it’s at a lower power to avoid risking burns and it stimulates the body’s cells which in turns speeds up the healing process. The procedure is painless and also treats acne scars and swelling.

The laser is basically placed over the skin where the acne is located and just applied for anywhere from 5-20 minutes, depending on how severe the acne is. Again, there is no pain involved – patients just feel a slight warming sensation.

How many treatments are needed?

It would be nice if it only took one treatment of five minutes to cure all acne, however it is a little more involved. Typically, a patient will undergo two treatments a week for 4-6 weeks and they will start seeing results after a couple weeks.

Are there side effects to cold laser acne treatment?

The older hot lasers and accutane can cause side effects such as irritation and burn. The low level laser treatment however, has nearly no known side effects whatsoever.

Also, patients can go right to work after a treatment. The lasers do not cause any changes in the skin that are visible and embarrassing.

How to get laser acne treatment that will lead to clear smooth skin

The skin you have been dreaming about is right around the corner. Simply contact your local aesthetic laser clinic or med spa and ask about this wonderful treatment. You should not have to suffer the indignity of an infected face anymore. Plus the longer you allow the acne problem to stick around, the more you risk scarring. Even if you already have scars, this kind of treatment can help with that as well. The clinic will also have other procedures such as microdermabrasion which will help with that as well.

As a treatment that doesn’t involve chemicals, only low level laser acne therapy is proven to deliver successful outcomes within a short time frame, truly attacking the issue and getting it resolved.

Whether you are a teenager or adult, this acne treatment is very effective.

By undergoing the cold laser therapy acne treatment as well as following basic measures to keep skin clean and in good condition, you can beat the disease and be your full social self again.

Should you consider Botox for your fine lines and wrinkles

It can be argued that botox is the leading product that smooths fine lines and wrinkles. It has long now been considered a miracle product in the cosmetic industry. However it does have its pros and cons.

Is botox dangerous?

Botox is a neurotoxin and comes from the a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. It is not to be ingested due to the fact that it affects the nerves in the muscles and can cause paralysis and worse. But in its clinical use in spas and at the dermatologist office, it is only injected in super tiny amounts to specific little muscles in the face, neck etc. The bacteria then causes a block between the muscle and nerve and the muscle relaxes. Thus, smoothing out the wrinkle. And in turn over time, your muscle isn’t being utilized as much – such as a frown or smile line muscle so it keeps the wrinkle from reforming as well.

The procedure of using botox for fine lines and wrinkles should only be performed in an office with an experienced and licensed nurse or doctor. In small doses, the FDA has approved its use as safe with minimal side effects.

Does botox make me look like I’ve had plastic surgery?

Botox is not really a procedure that causes you to look like you’ve had lots of surgery, unless you overdo it. Because it relaxes the muscles, a lot of injections done often is going to give your face a less expressive and more static look. Most professional licensed clinicians understand this and only administer botox in the most safe and effective way to improve your appearance without making you look plastic.

For the people who get botox done professionally, normally no one can tell. However, using too many fillers in addition to the botox can definitely give you a more puffy plus immobile appearance that seems less natural. There is always a balance between improving your look and changing your look to something less natural or less appealing.

Botox is a very powerful way to dramatically enhance your appearance by removing fine lines and wrinkles immediately. This power should be wielded carefully and considerately. For instance, you may wish to choose what area of your face to have it done. Typically between the eyes, crow’s feet, forehead and smile lines are most common choices, however, because the muscles of the face are so intricate you will want to use it most minimally so you can keep expression. Expression in the face is also part of your beauty and your appeal. It is important to discuss with your clinician how to reduce a fine line or wrinkle you want to see removed and still retain natural expression.

In conclusion

In conclusion, botox is generally considered safe when administered in a professional licensed facility, and definitely reduces and improves fine lines and wrinkles. However, botox should always be used minimally, with consideration given to where to do the work and how to do it in such a way to retain natural and free expression.

Visit your local medical spa or dermatologist to learn more and make sure to ask questions and when it comes to your appearance, never let anyone else tell you what is wrong with you and convince you to do something you are not sure you want to do. It is important that you are on the same page with your clinician, whether it is with a laser hair removal treatment or a botox injection. You can be very happy with your botox treatment if you have all of your facts, and feel in total control of the decision you make