I would like to make an appointment for consultation for laser hair removal.

That is easy! – Pick up the phone and dial: 1-866-952-7371 We look forward to hearing from you!

Are you open on the weekends?

Usually we are, but please verify specific dates with us.

Is there a waiting area, or can a spouse and child accompany me while I’m getting a treatment done?

Yes there is plenty of room to sit, relax, read a magazine or even watch TV while you are having the treatment.

Does your special on full leg / bikini include feet and Brazilian bikini?

Yes, it includes feet but not Brazilian. For Legs + Brazilian please call to receive a quote.

I was just curious whether your Brazilian laser treatment includes the anal region as well?

Yes it does, although in most Laser hair removal clinics in Toronto you will be asked to pay additional cost.

I have a very dark skin; will you be able to treat it as well?

It is possible if the hair is still darker than your skin. Please book a free consultation appointment on which I will evaluate your treatment success.

What about laser hair removal during pregnancy?

Although there is no prevention to performing a laser hair removal procedure during pregnancy we prefer to wait until after the delivery, and then resume the laser treatment.

Does your wonderful new machine remove hair with the same efficiency as others (i.e. not more than 6 sessions is typically required)?

No, actually it is probably more efficient. There is no such thing as “typically required”. Please refer to previous answer.

My friend started a laser hair removal treatment in Toronto and got rid of her hair after just 5 sessions. I already did 6 sessions and still need at least one more. Why?

Imagine yourself going to your family doctor complaining that your friend got rid of his flu in just 3 days and you are still sick of it…well everybody is different from each other. That is very well might be the reason that makes your hair more stubborn.

Are there any side effects?

Like any other medical procedures, laser removal might have side effects; most are not serious and temporary. Redness, swelling and even bruising is all possible. These symptoms usually disappear within 48 hours after the treatment. In some cases, more discomfiting side effects like blisters, burns and infection can appear. These rare complications are usually temporary. Permanent scarring or discoloration of the skin can occur in very rare cases.