Laser Liposuction: A Non-Traditional Approach

There are a few points to consider when looking at laser liposuction. Internal laser liposuction is one method, with non-invasive cold-laser lipo being another. Internal laser liposuction still involves local anesthesia and small incisions to position a laser to destroy adipose tissue. It is much less invasive than traditional liposuction procedures however, and can be more cost effective.  Cold-laser liposuction offers an approach that does not involve incisions, anesthetics or healing of wounds. It is pain free and it works by shining an emitted light over the skin and activating the lymphatic system. It is an effective non invasive method that will encourage toxins to be removed and improve muscle tightness.

If you are looking to regain a great body shape, laser liposuction could be of great benefit for you. For minor issues when it comes to the “battle of the bulge” laser lipo is an effective alternative to more invasive and traditional liposuction methods.

When it comes to the preparation for laser liposuction technicians fix four pads which are secured by elastic straps to the treatment area. These pads contain the diodes for the cold lasers that will be beamed into your fatty tissue. Two more probes are placed in a location where there are lymph nodes that will facilitate the elimination of the free fatty acids that will result from the treatment.

What is happening during this treatment process is quite interesting. There are cells beneath our skin called adipose cells and their job is to store fat. That is all they do, and I think we are all familiar with what that looks like on the outside. On the inside, however, these cells are holding on to the fats that we can have trouble getting rid of. How the cold laser liposuction works is by weakening the integrity of those adipose cell membranes. The resultant effect is the release of these fatty acids into the interstitial fluid (that is the fluid between the cells). The lymphatic system, which is like a circulatory fluid pump for your body, then carries these fatty acids away to be metabolized and eliminated from the body naturally.

Laser lipo is a great way to remove that stubborn fat with technology that is minimally invasive for fat removal. You can find out whether you are a suitable candidate for laser lipo surgery after consulting with your doctor or physician. This type of treatment won’t be for everyone, as it is only useful on specific areas of the body, and individual results will vary. The main areas it is good for are the smaller areas of the body that have loose skin or sagging. It is great for treating stretch marks as well as cellulite.

Discuss your options with our team of experts and we can work out the best treatment plan for you in the tightening and firming of your skin. Non invasive methods mean no recovery times and no awkward in-between phases, along with the incredible benefit of a pain free experience. Try it out and feel the difference.